Bound By the Basilisk by Ami Wright (ePUB)

bound basilisk, ami wright

Bound by the Basilisk (Monstrous Deals #5) by Ami Wright – Free eBooks Download


Would you make a deal with a deadly basilisk?

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, or that’s what they say. That’s why I love my job as an escort with Monstrous Deals. When the billionaire property mogul who’s just opened a new casino in Heartstone tracks me down and demands to be my next client, I’m thrilled. He is far more handsome than my regular clients and dangerously charming.
The catch: Erserro is an ancient, deadly basilisk who can kill with a single look.
There are rules. I have to be blindfolded and I can never look at him when he touches me. That seems OK at first, but when feelings start to grow, I can’t help but long for a closer look at this creature who gives me more pleasure than anyone has ever done. He claims he’s a monster. That he’s cursed. But the more I get to know him, the more I’d risk everything to uncover a treasure that might be worth more than any diamond.

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