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Series Boxed Set #1-4 by Midika Crane – Free eBooks Download


Get books 1 – 4 of the #1 bestselling “Alpha Series” collection featuring Alpha Landon, Alpha Kaden, Alpha Grayson and Alpha Jasper. This unpredictable and exciting fantasy romance series will have you on the edge of your seat!
Alpha Landon
Althea and Landon have been friends since childhood and are near inseparable, but the clock is ticking and pressure is building from their family to find their destined mate and finally commit. Althea knows that her and Landon are not naturally destined to be each other’s mate, but can fate be changed in the quest for true love?

Alpha Kaden
Everyone knows of Alpha Kaden, a man of twisted riddles and cryptic puzzles. His identity is one of them. His touch, another. He is feared throughout all 13 packs for his reputation of stealing young women out of their beds. And tonight he has come to steal Mara to make her a player in his wicked game.

Alpha Grayson
Lexia has been an unwilling member of the Vengeance Pack since she was kidnapped by Alpha Kaden at the age of thirteen. Previously a member of the Discipline Pack, she now plans an uprising to take down the Alphas and unify the 13 Packs.

Alpha Jasper
Dark stories of the Devotion pack’s haunting from the terrifying undead Phantom Wolves have circulated for years but Thea had never believed the rumors. That is until she met Jasper; the confident and magical missing Alpha of the pack and newly reincarnated Phantom Wolf. He also happens to be her destined mate.

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  • Series Boxed Set #1-4 – Midika Crane ePUB



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