Big Stick Energy by Hayden Hall (ePUB)

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Big Stick Energy (Arctic Titans of Northwood U #3) by Hayden Hall – Free eBooks Download


I earned the captaincy fair and square, but Caden Jones doesn’t see it that way. He’s challenging my authority at every turn and bringing discord to the team that’s held together with duct tape and hope.
Caden is set to ruin our chances this year just to show everyone what a terrible leader I am.
Besides, he’s been preoccupied with kissing guys all semester long. Not that I have a problem with that, exactly. But does he have to do it right under my nose?
An out-of-state game has us stranded in a hotel room. While that’s annoying as hell, the final straw is the mix up that leaves us with only one bed.
Years of rivalry and quiet resentment finally come to boiling and one of us isn’t leaving this hotel room alive. Until big words are said. And crazy actions taken. And we’re no longer fighting, even if it sort of looks like a wrestling match.
Turns out, I’ve got no problem with Caden kissing guys when I’m the guy he kisses. But… I’m straight, right?

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