The Love Fixers by Angela Casella (ePUB)

love fixers, angela casella

The Love Fixers (Unlucky in Love #1) by Angela Casella – Free eBooks Download


Send help and wine. My sister is trying to set me up with the grump next door.

A few hours after losing my job, I get a call from a stranger who claims I’ve inherited property from my father. I assume it’s a scam, because my dad is very much alive. Turns out my mother is the liar.
I board a flight to my bio-dad’s hometown, hoping for answers, but the turbulence is so bad I worry we won’t make it. Declan, the hot, tattooed hunk next to me, is obviously terrified too. When the plane freefalls for half a second, he kisses me with the passion of a man who thinks he’s about to die. He seems to regret it immediately afterward—and we both regret it when we discover he’s my new next door neighbor, a complication neither of us wants.
To make matters worse, it turns out my bio-dad’s cabin is only half mine. The rest belongs to a half-sister I didn’t know I had—Nicole, a pink-haired private investigator and possible psychopath.
If I weren’t unemployed and broke, I’d leave, but this crappy half-a-house is my only possession. So I stay in the hopes that I can convince her to sell. Unfortunately, she seems intent on setting me up with Declan, among other manipulations, and her matchmaking tactics are…extreme.

I came to the mountains to hide and be left alone, and now I’m never alone.
Every time I turn a corner, I run into Claire Rainey. She’s tempting as hell, particularly now that I’ve had a taste of her, but I know better than to wrap her up in my trouble—or get wrapped up in hers.

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