Between Devils and Dragons: Hellish Lies by IVLG (ePUB)

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Between Devils and Dragons: Hellish Lies by IVLG – Free eBooks Download


“If good girls go to Heaven, then bad girls drag their psychiatrists to Hell.”

Be the stabby soul huntress in an urban portal world who drags souls and kicks ass with the most lovable idiot. Love someone you shouldn’t because he and his beast will prey on any chance to drown you in depths of forbidden lust and obsession. Good luck surviving your given role in an ancient prophecy—you’ll need it!
If you were to die today, would karma fill your final thoughts with regret?

Torn between two worlds, succubus Ivangeline fights to level the scales of her heart’s needs and desires. Keeping her job as a soul hunter in another realm a secret from her human boyfriend fuels the waging war inside her but not as much as the forbidden love for her best friend. Fidelity can be a cruel and unforgiving thing, especially when hers gets tested and stretched to its limits by her sinfully alluring hunting partner.
Dragging souls to Hell—oh, yes, she has done that over the past five years with a broad smile and her signature blades, but the day comes when one mission shall change her life forever. When Ivangeline explores her darkest and truest desires, she not only gambles with her morality but also her very sanity and soul.

Her lie of a life comes with a price, a price that might be too high in the end, when the shadow of an ancient, dark prophecy traps her with its claws. Will karma force her to pay with everything she loves?

Spitfire Ivangeline is about to find out when she steps into Hell’s fire of deception and lust.

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