Betting on the Brainiac by Melanie Jacobson (ePUB)

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Betting on the Brainiac (Betting on Love #3) by Melanie Jacobson – Free eBooks Download


I have twenty million reasons to marry the nerdiest coder in Austin for a year…

When my roommate’s friend needs a place to work on his software startup, I’m happy to let him use the daytime hours to work in my night club. The guy is harmless–super sweet, a little nerdy. He might even be cute if not for his hoodie habit and the fact that he thinks I’m a party girl airhead.
But then he hears an explosive fight between my father and me, and all my family secrets come tumbling out–including the truth about our wealth and the inheritance I won’t get until I’m married. I know: welcome to the eighteenth century.
At first, I’m mortified. But then Oliver comes up with a plan to benefit us both. Unlock my enormous inheritance, right my parents’ wrongs, make my business dreams a reality, and save his company.
We just have to get married.
It’s a perfect plan. Until it turns out nerdy Oliver has charm, moves, and serious abs. When a kiss changes everything and blurs the boundaries in our marriage of convenience, can I trust his feelings? Or am I walking into a multimillion dollar trap?

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