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It’s the job from hell with the boss from a place lower than hell, but it pays cash and I need to make rent like anyone else. I thought once I got a cash job as a barmaid, all my problems would be over. Being called up to the boss’s office, I hope I’m being given a raise but just figure I’m plain old fired. Thing is, thick, heavy set girls don’t really fit into the boss’s idea of his Gentleman’s Club. But I do know how to smile, how to keep the glasses full and make the members feel like I really give a crap, even though I’m dying inside. I need out of this. Out of this club, out of this lifestyle. I need rescuing, but who would? Who could? Dillon Maxwell. That’s who. The new bouncer hired to mind the door is a security expert, but I can tell at a glance he has more than my security on his mind. And more than the job at hand to worry about. He’s a man with a past. Has to be working in a dive like this. But it’s his sudden interest in me that gives me hope. Under his watchful eye and powerful presence, it isn’t long before I’m caught doing what any sane girl would. An older guy like that has more than just a few flecks of gray. He’s got experience. Power. And once he catches me I know I’m his. Not just to protect. I know I’m his forever.

When my security business partner and best friend of thirty-five years double-crosses me, I figure I’ll have to start over. He set me up, stole everything, and made it all look like I was the bad guy. I can be bad, but not like that. Not breaking oaths we made as kids. Maybe I should start over by working him over but the probation courts have another idea. I never thought I’d be doing what I do best, looking mean and scary for such little money either. But the job I’m forced to take is minding a door at a very particular type of member’s only club. Giving myself over to the idea, figuring I’ll have to bide my time to find a way to get my livelihood back, to reclaim my honor I prepare to just get on with the job. Until I sense something behind a different kind of door that changes the course of my life forever. A so-called Gentleman’s Club that’s really a front for an illegal gambling den isn’t where I’d expect to find a young, curvy girl who needs rescuing. Let alone a younger girl who wouldn’t even think twice about an older man like me. I catch her though. Tainting what I know belongs to me from the first second I see it. I’ll get her out of this club. I’ll get my business back, but most of all… I’ll be the one telling where and when she finds pleasure from now on because she’s under my protection now.

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