Beth’s Absolution by Maria Secoy (ePUB)

beth's absolution, maria secoy

Beth’s Absolution (Twisted Willow #3) by Maria Secoy – Free eBooks Download


A woman raised by a gang of outlaw bikers falls in love with a sheriff. What can possibly go wrong?

Beth may have been raised by her father’s motorcycle club, but she’s not a child anymore. She’s ready to make her own choices and live her own life, but leaving the club is easier said than done. Setting up a new storage space in Twisted Willow may be just the opportunity she’s looking for. Unfortunately, club problems follow her, and the sexy man she met her first night in town turns out to be the local sheriff. Beth moved to Twisted Willow hoping for a fresh start. Instead, she’s forced to assess her loyalties and make choices that will put lives at risk.
Sheriff Doug Riley enjoys his rural community. He knows everyone, has slept with half of them, and understands how things work here. Sure, he’s fighting an endless opioid problem with nothing more than shiny new vehicles, but Twisted Willow is his home. It’s worth the fight. He’s got friends here, even if he has resigned himself to never finding the one to share his life. Then Beth walks into the bar, and Doug’s life gets flipped upside down.

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