Best Friend Billionaire by Laurie LeClair (ePUB)

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Best Friend Billionaire (The Cormac Family #3) by Laurie LeClair – Free eBooks Download


He’s the playboy billionaire. She’s his sweet, adorable best friend. One amazing kiss turns the tables on their friendship, tempting fate and their hearts…

Charming, workaholic billionaire Carter Cormac charges after the top commercial real estate broker spot in Boston. He’s on track to get there with several lucrative deals in the works over the next few weeks. However, when his fun-loving best friend arrives back in town, his laser focus falters and he’s wrapped up in her and her latest adventure…jeopardizing his stellar career.
Flirty, free spirit Sloane Westfield’s life takes a nosedive when her trust fund is dangled over her head and she’s yanked back to town—just when she’s thisclose to a coveted audition in NYC. Her parents want her married to their pre-selected choice—okay, he’s studying to be a cardiologist, so it’s not that bad. But it kinda is because he’s bound and determined to mold her into the perfect spouse. Her? Like that could ever happen. When she snags Cart into helping her dodge her dilemma, she’s surprised at the newfound awareness between them—like, the warm for your form kind—for her bestie. How did that happen?
Cart’s meddling family longs for him to settle down while she’s dodging a commitment with her on-again, off-again boyfriend. What better way to hold off everyone then to sign on for a fake relationship? If only they weren’t secretly attracted to each other…

Best Friend Billionaire is the latest edition in the The Cormac Family: Billionaire Sweet Romance series filled with love, family, heart, and humor. If you like sweet romances, witty banter, and happy endings, then you’ll love Laurie LeClair’s heartwarming funny romance.

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