Because You Said Yes by Kelly Collins (ePUB)

because you said, kelly collins

Because You Said Yes (Willow Bay #3) by Kelly Collins – Free eBooks Download


He needs a bride.
She needs a project.
Can a fake marriage lead to a lifetime of love?
Charlotte Sutton has dreams as big as the Texas sky, and she’ll do anything to make them come true. She’s been Miss Lonestar State, a beauty consultant, a real estate agent, and has now set her sights on becoming Willow Bay’s most sought-after wedding planner. She’s never been in love or married but that doesn’t stop her from creating every bride’s fantasy day. It’s easy—all she does is plan her dream day. So, when devilishly handsome billionaire Bastien Richmond approaches her about arranging an over-the-top wedding, she’s all-in until she finds out he doesn’t have a bride.
Bastien Richmond is a lot of things, but marriage material isn’t one of them. He’s been a playboy all his life, until his sister passed away and left him the sole guardian of his niece. The only promise he’s ever made was that he’d take care of little Ivy, so when his mother threatens to fight for custody if he doesn’t marry, he tells her he’s already engaged. With the clock ticking, he needs to find a bride. Can the pretty little wedding planner deliver everything she promised? After all, she did say that no request was too large.

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