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beautiful when broken, va vikolia

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**Experience an epic love story spanning years in ‘Beautiful when Broken.’ This two-part narrative begins when our protagonists are eighteen, explores their entangled lives, and culminates in a dramatic adulthood confrontation.**

The course of true love never runs smooth.
Ira Jacobsen was my world. My best friend. My confidant.
Then she left me.
For years, I grappled with the unanswered questions, hoped for some sort of closure. But I only grew to resent the girl I once loved.
Until she reappears.
And it isn’t for some sappy reunion. It throws my carefully constructed life into chaos, and the career I built stands in opposition to everything she now represents.
Yet, when painful secrets come to light, old wounds reopen, and I find myself torn between duty and the girl who once had all ten fingers wrapped around my heart.
They say that time heals all wounds, but mine are still fresh.
She’s no longer the exception to the rule, and I’m no longer the friend she once knew.
We’re strangers.
I’m now her beautifully broken nightmare…
Her worst enemy.

**Please read trigger warnings!**

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