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Barking up the Wrong Tree (Finding Love at the Doggy Spa) by Elsie Woods – Free eBooks Download


Why is it so hard to admit your feelings for the guy who’s been your bestie since Kindergarten?
It doesn’t matter that Terence comes over with his family for Sunday dinners.

It doesn’t matter that he’s grown cute and handsome all at once.
And it sure doesn’t matter that he sends my heart stumbling like I’m runaway roller skates.
Terence and I are just friends.
Best friends. Old friends. Never-to-be-together-ever friends.
I figured that we’d grow in different directions, given just how different we are. But it’s turning out to be just the opposite. He reads me like no one else can, and I tell him what he needs to hear.
Still, we’re just friends.
Or are we? I’m reaching new heights of local roller derby fame just as Terence is about to become the head of the first search and rescue service in these parts. We only want to celebrate with each other.
If only I could figure out what that gleam in his eye really means…

Barking up the Wrong Tree is a wholesome and sweet friends-to-lovers romantic comedy quick read with a Border Collie who always saves the day. It’s part of the series “Finding Love at the Doggy Spa”, but can be read as a standalone.

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