Bargain With The Demon Lord by Viola King (ePUB)

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Bargain With The Demon Lord by Viola King – Free eBooks Download


It’s too late for me to escape the cage of power, money and sin I’m trapped in. But the baby growing inside me . . . I hope it’s not too late for her.
Pushing paper in some forgotten back office is the perfect way to go unnoticed here. This multibillion-dollar corporation tore my family apart, and now that I’ve got a job inside it, I have eaverything I need to burn it to the ground.
Until Caezar comes shattering into my world. He’s the wickedly sexy billionaire CEO of the company I work for and despite my unimportance, he definitely notices me. He’s the architect of all my pain and suffering. His charm only makes me hate him more.
Worse, he has a secret that could destroy us both. Caezar is not just a CEO–he’s a demon lord, a mafia boss; and I’m his only chance at redemption.
The only thing more powerful than my hatred for him is my desire. His lust for me is a wildfire that’s quickly losing all control. And this is one demon my soul doesn’t have the strength to fight.
But now it’s not just about us anymore. I have to think of our child. To keep safe, I’ll have to be stronger than I’ve ever imagined–or watch everything I love go up in smoke.

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