A Tempestuous Bride by Juniper Kerry (ePUB)

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A Tempestuous Bride (Brides of Beshtast #1) by Juniper Kerry – Free eBooks Download


When Stephanie volunteered to be part of the Beshtast breeding program, she did it more for inspiration than to meet a mate. After all, an alien planet! What could be better for a painter? Then she meets Terk; he’s handsome, artistic, and intelligent, and they feel an instantaneous attraction. But after some very intense fireworks at their first meeting, things take a turn, and Terk becomes domineering and altogether too alpha for her liking. Pair-bond or no pair-bond, Stephanie’s not going to stand for it. As soon as she reaches Beshtast, she intends to turn around and head back to Earth.

No matter how hard he tries, Terk cannot get Stephanie out of his mind. Her scent overwhelms him whenever she is near, memories of the sounds she makes when he touches her haunt him when he closes his eyes, and he cannot escape the feeling that she is more important than anything else in his world. The only problem? She is completely unwilling to submit to him. She pushes back at each and every one of his commands, and finds increasingly interesting ways to disobey him. Terk is beginning to think he will need to take a firmer hand with her when they arrive back on his planet, even if that means dominating her completely. He will admit… he thinks he might even enjoy it.

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