Backfire by T.L. Hodel (ePUB)

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Backfire: Sydney’s Awakening #1 (Brothers of Shadow and Death #1) by T.L. Hodel – Free eBooks Download


The last thing I expected after ten years in foster care, was to get a new stepdad and be reunited with my mother. What kind of man marries someone fresh off the crazy train? As far as CPS was concerned Angus Adair was an upstanding citizen.
Clearly they’d never met his sons
I thought foster care taught me how to deal with d!cks. Then along came Devlin Adair. He didn’t just have a chip on his shoulder, he took the crown for the king of a$$holes and wore it proudly. And it wasn’t just him I had to deal with. His sidekick Reese came along for the ride.
One man acted like he wanted to kill me and the other… well he wanted something else. But neither of them would get their wish. I’d drop kick them off their thrones and walk away with the crown. There was only one problem…
The strange pull that drew me in. The longer they were around, the stronger it got. I’d felt attraction before and this was something different. Devlin said it was because I belonged to him. That it was fate.
I sat f*ck fate.
She can kiss my a$$.

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