Avenge Me Daddy by Zack Wish (ePUB)

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Avenge Me Daddy (Mafia Daddies NYC #3) by Zack Wish – Free eBooks Download


I played a risky game with some mean people and got hurt. Now I need revenge.
My life was all fun, taking risks, and caring less about the outcome. But when I crossed the wrong people, I was taught a painful lesson. Now I’m too scared to have fun, and not even my friends at the Peachy Playpen can cheer me up. Am I nothing more than a boring boy now? I want my old life back, but how?
Marco Santino doesn’t do fun. But he does specialize in revenge.
Marco was born into the mob. He’s one hundred percent pure Mafia blood with a seriously k!nky side. Revenge comes naturally to him, as does violence. When he sees me looking glum at the Peachy Playpen, Marco makes an offer: Marco will guarantee me the revenge I crave, but I must become his boy and give in to everything he wants. I’m playing with fire, and I know it. But what other choice do I have…

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