Autumn at the Oak Leaf Café by CP Ward (ePUB)

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Autumn at the Oak Leaf Café (The Warm Days of Autumn #4) by CP Ward – Free eBooks Download


Autumn at the Oak Leaf Café: Another heartwarming romantic comedy set in autumn from CP Ward, author of I’m Glad I Found You This Christmas and Summer at Tall Trees Lake.
Madeline Fellow returns from eight years overseas to Brentwell, her childhood home, just a little late for her own mother’s funeral. Uncertain of her future, she takes a chance by becoming the temporary manager of a quiet little café on the edge of Brentwell’s Sycamore Park.
At first life seems to be going well for Madeline, then her ex-boyfriend, Luke Lewis, comes back into her life. Has he really changed from the spoilt, bratty young man she remembers, or hasn’t he?
Soon Madeline finds herself torn between Luke and charming vet Darren Smith, as what she had thought would be a peaceful, relaxing autumn turns into something much more complicated…
Featuring CP Ward’s beloved Sycamore Park, as well as some of its regular characters, Autumn at the Oak Leaf Café is everything CP Ward’s fans have come to expect: a little dash of romance mixed with a large helping of humour, and far too much coffee and cake. Lose yourself this autumn with another charming romantic comedy from the author of Christmas at the Marshmallow Café and Summer at Blue Sands Cove.

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