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atlas, cole denton

Atlas (Omnia Academy #1) by Cole Denton – Free eBooks Download


I’ve been given three impossible tasks…

The Reges Dei is the most famous and distinguished organization in the world. Yet it is shrouded in secrecy and masked by history. And it’s leader—a man considered to be the “King of Kings”—has requested that I find him an “Omnia.” An everything.
Not just any exceptional young man will do. This young man must be particularly unique. Different in every way from the rest of the new generation of young men starting at Omnia Academy. Or any of the prior generations, for that matter.
As difficult as that task seems, I find him.
But this young man also comes with a cargo plane’s worth of baggage. He’s hesitant to commit to the academy, and even after the torment he’s suffered in his foster home, I have to find a way to persuade him to join. And I can’t tell anyone the reasons he’s special or why he deserves to be there. Nor can I divulge whose Omnia he’s destined to be.
Sound like another impossible task? Perhaps. But I do it.
Everything up to this point has been easy compared to what lies ahead. The ultimate task will be having to give him up after four years, without crossing the line I’ve already come perilously close to crossing… Falling irrevocably in love with this apprehensive and wounded young man.

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