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at first sight, ashtyn newbold

At First Sight (Business of Love) by Ashtyn Newbold – Free eBooks Download


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

After her grandmother’s death, Fanny Clarke will soon be left destitute. With the scars left on Fanny’s face from a house fire, her grandmother has chosen the most suitable sort of man to be her husband: A blind man. With little choice in the matter, Fanny agrees to her grandmother’s scheme. But when her new husband proves to be more vexing than she bargained for, she wonders if destitution would have been a better fate.
With nearly all of his staff gone, Percy Wellington is in need of a caregiver of sorts. After losing his sight, he can no longer live properly without one, or so his cousin Harry insists. When Harry presents Percy with the idea of a marriage of convenience to a shy, agreeable woman, Percy reluctantly agrees. But it isn’t until after their wedding that Percy discovers she is anything but shy, and far from agreeable.
What begins as a war of sorts, slowly transforms to reluctant understanding. Can Percy and Fanny find common ground, or even love? Or will the scars of their past prevent both their hearts from seeing clearly what is right in front of them?
At First Sight was previously published in the Unexpected Love: A Marriage of Convenience Anthology. Small changes have been made, but the story remains the same. It is a sweet regency romance novella.

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