The Wallflower Win by Valerie Bowman (ePUB)

wallflower win, valerie bowman

The Wallflower Win (The Whitmorelands #4) by Valerie Bowman – Free eBooks Download


A wallflower challenges a rake to a game of chess. The prize? If he loses, he must pretend to court her…and she’s excellent at chess.

She’s a wallflower on a mission to win.
Bookish Lady Elizabeth Whitmoreland has no interest in being a debutante. She’d rather immerse herself in the tranquility of a library than dance in a ballroom with some silly fop. But when she overhears a wager being placed on a game of chess, she sees her chance to challenge the ton’s smuggest rake. If he loses, he’ll have to pretend to court her for the entire Season to fend off her relentless mama.

He’s a rake who’s never been beat.
Christopher St. Clare, the Marquess of Claremont, is a man who staunchly avoids the debutante scene and marriage altogether, confident that his brother will carry on the family line. But when a spirited debutante challenges him to a chess match, he can’t resist. He’s always been unbeatable, but his world is turned upside down when he faces an unexpected loss. Now, he must play the role of a devoted suitor for the entire Season.

In a game that quickly turns to seduction, the stakes have never been so scandalous.
Lady Eliza might be beautiful, clever, and witty, but she’s still a debutante. One playing a dangerous game when she begins tempting him beyond all reason by asking him to kiss her. Despite their undeniable chemistry, Christopher remains resolute. He will not touch her. But when Eliza steps up her attempts to seduce him, how long will he be able to resist the undeniable attraction between them?

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