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Asher (Blood Angel Chronicles #3) by Jennifer Field – Free eBooks Download


Acheron Barachiel, once known only as Archangel Barachiel, took his fateful fall from grace nearly five-hundred years ago. His eternal sentence, handed to him by the goddess of justice Themis, was to walk the earth as one of the seven Blood Angels. He would never again feel sunlight across his face, and he was damned to feed on those he once swore an oath to protect.
Not only did Themis’s sentence damn him and his Blood Angel brothers, but it unintentionally spawned the vampire race.

Now, Acheron is the owner of an empire of elite safe-haven vampire clubs worldwide, known only as the Black Door Clubs. The worldwide organization is known to steep in rumors and speculations about its nefarious goings-on.
Sloane Anderson came to New York City to capture her dream of being a reporter, sadly so did a half-million other recent college grads. Taking a job at a D-grade magazine known as Paranormal New York, she’s determined to make a name for herself by exposing the Black Door clubs for what they are, nothing.

When Sloane has a “chance meeting” with the mysterious and sexy Asher, the puzzle pieces of the Black Door start to fall into place, only not in the order she thought.
Now Asher is faced with the decision to let Sloane, a human, into his heart and world. –or lose her forever.

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