An Earl’s Scandalous Return by Henrietta Harding (ePUB)

earl's scandalous return, henrietta harding

An Earl’s Scandalous Return by Henrietta Harding – Free eBooks Download


Lady Arabella Simpkin once had a forbidden love, a love she had to give up due to her father’s wishes. After four years, her convictions begin to waver, and while her soul still craves the man she cast aside, his sudden return to town shakes her world. As she reunites with her lost love, their desires spark anew. As if that weren’t enough, a family scandal, concealed in secrecy, threatens to destroy her brother’s betrothal and her carefully constructed life.

Can the past destroy all of Arabella’s hopes for a future by the side of a Lord?
Earl Edward Jameson, heir to a powerful duke, once carried the searing wounds of a broken heart. Bitter and angry by Arabella’s betrayal, he sought solace in foreign lands, embarking on years of travel and adventure. However, when his father’s illness draws him back home, Edward is confronted with burning emotions he thought were buried. When Arabella asks for his help, he is not sure he can put aside the sinful past and the feelings that went with it.

Will this new adventure draw him closer to the Lady who once shattered his heart?
When Arabella begs Edward to join her in unravelling the mysteries behind her family’s scandal, they will both have to face their past wounds. Yet, as they get closer to finding the clues of Arabella’s past, they realise that the rekindled flame of their love burns stronger than ever. Will the long-kept secrets rewrite the script of their lives? Is there hope for passionate love to reignite after the relentless passage of time, schemes and deceit?

“An Earl’s Scandalous Return” is a historical romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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