Always Off-Limits, Always Tempting by Ava Munroe (ePUB)

always off limits, ava munroe

Always Off-Limits, Always Tempting (Copper Springs #3) by Ava Munroe – Free eBooks Download


Her brother’s fireman best friend keeps popping up in her kitchen, and he can definitely handle the heat…

Cami’s got everything she ever wanted: a popular bakery, the curvy body she finally grew into, and now even a spot in a televised baking competition.
Well, maybe she doesn’t have *everything* she ever wanted.
Because when her brother’s best friend, Dane, is the fireman on call to put out a flame in Cami’s bakery, she feels a familiar heat between her legs.
She knows she should keep her distance—Dane is a grade A grump and he’s made it clear in the past that he won’t fall for his best friend’s sunshine-y little sister.
But when that fire in Cami’s bakery puts her in need of a new kitchen, Dane turns out to be the only person with a decent solution. Now Cami is spending every day hanging around his fire station, and she’s remembering why she developed that childhood crush on him so long ago.
Cami can’t let herself fall for Dane; she was rejected by him once, and she has zero desire to go through that heartache again. Allowing herself to entertain fantasies of the scorchin’ hot fireman can only end badly, distracting her from her upcoming baking competition and sending her ego up in flames.

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