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alpha hunted, crea reitan

Alpha Hunted (Knotty & Sweet Omegaverse) by Crea Reitan – Free eBooks Download


I lost everything in a freak accident. My entire family; everything I’d ever cared about – gone in an instant. Unable to bear the constant reminders and emptiness of my life, I moved across the country to dull the loss, hopefully falling into the anonymity of a large city where even an alpha could disappear.
Starting over was never in my plans. All I wanted was to blend in and let life pass me by. Live in my modest studio apartment with my mindless job as an absentee owner of a popular juice bar downtown.
I spent my days with headphones in as I worked through each machine at the gym, grabbing a juice from my cafe on the way home, and drowning myself in the solitude of my house.
And then I met the only thing I’d never managed to obtain with my pack – an omega who made everything in me spark. And in the next breath, a shy beta who made my most basic instincts rear up and want to wrap her in my arms and give her the world.
Try as I may, I can’t seem to run far enough away from either of them. Once we meet, something keeps pulling us back together at every corner. Just as I start to give in and wrap myself in their pack that consists of two other alphas, I find out that the freak accident that took my first pack from me wasn’t an accident at all.
And now I’m being hunted by the murderers who intend to finish the job.

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