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alpha, jl drake

Alpha (Dark Water #3) by J.L. Drake – Free eBooks Download


Major Ty Beckett
The unthinkable has happened.
We will not stand by while one of our own is in the enemy’s grasp.
Ivy and I are part of the house now, and their family is our family. Together, we will fight to get her back.
This mission nearly brings Blackstone down. We missed our mark, and now it’s
Code Red.
Though our families are prepared for the unthinkable, we will not take this lying down.

Dr. Ivy Knight
Ty and I have a good connection, until he makes a decision that sends me into a tailspin.
Regardless of my personal struggles, I know one thing is true.
The house is in disarray, and it’s up to me to keep everyone on point.
But deep inside, I’m slowly unraveling. I need to find a way to get my life back.
Shadows has a mixture of light and laughter, but there’s a level of danger that comes with living here. I just hope I’m strong enough to endure.

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