Adored By the Alien Hunters by Carlotta Page (ePUB)

adored alien hunters, carlotta page

Adored by the Alien Hunters (The Outlaws of Deep Space #4) by Carlotta Page – Free eBooks Download


Rose is determined to be happy…

Being abducted by aliens was the absolute worst experience of my life. But I got lucky. After their ship was damaged, they dumped me and four other Human women on an abandoned rainforest planet. Here, we’re safe. So long as our location remains a secret. Determined to never again be helpless, I’m learning everything I can, even how to fly a spaceship! I’m finally settling into my new life; I’m finally happy. There’s only one thing missing. Or maybe two…
Kovel wants nothing more than to be accepted…
Vyn and I, two halves of one soul, are forbidden to return home until we have completed our initiation. Only then will the Elders deem us worthy—worthy of acceptance, worthy of Mates. After nearly a decade living among the stars, we have one final bounty to claim and then we will be welcomed home. Until we stumble upon Rose—the one thing threatening to ruin my carefully prepared plan.
Vyn is searching for a better life…
Rose is as stubborn as Kovel and as obstinately happy as me. And she is everything I have been searching for, as perfect for me as she is for Kovel. If only I can persuade my other half to abandon his dreams of returning to the home that so easily dismissed us, maybe we can start a new life on Rainland—the two of us with Rose.

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