The Biting Bargain by Emily Cane (ePUB)

biting bargain, emily cane

The Biting Bargain (Cupcakes & Monster Boyfriends #1) by Emily Cane – Free eBooks Download


Love sucks. I’ve learned that the hard way. So selling my blood in a fancy vampire club shouldn’t be a big deal.
It’s not like I go and fall for my client, right?
Wrong! And so much worse.

When Vincent Renard, the dark prince of vampire society, bites me, not only am I lost within seconds.
All it takes is one kiss and magic hits the fan.
Suddenly, his secret curse is unlocked, one that comes with fangs and claws and lots of howling at the moon.
And guess who‘s the only one able to keep him in check.

Faking it is the only way to keep his secret safe. So we pretend I’m his little plaything he can boss around and play with.

But our little game starts to feel real very quickly. Lines are blurred, things get messy, and to his surprise, it’s not only my heart on the line.
But his as well.

Can a villainous vampire really fall for a bubblegum queen?
Can our business deal turn into the real deal?
Or does it go like in the fairy tales and in the end I‘m eaten by the wolf?

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