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about pucking time, charlie jules

About Pucking Time (Denver Devils #1) by Stacy Stone, Charlie Jules – Free eBooks Download


No one will come between me and my happily ever after, not after everything I’ve been through to even stand a chance. And if they try…well, they can puck around and find out.
I never thought I’d see Austin and Brooklyn Ryker again.
Back in high school, the twins were everything. I loved them both. But they left me behind when they went off to chase their dreams as sport superstars in the NHL.
Now, they’re back, wanting a second chance… and they’re not alone.
Their sexy best friend Travis came along for the ride. We have more in common than I could’ve ever imagined and our chemistry is beyond hot.
But that’s where things get complicated. See, I don’t only want Travis. I want the twins, too.
And they all want me.
I’ll do everything I can to keep my three hockey gods. I’ll deal with my enemies and theirs, because I’m this close to having the kind of life most small-town girls can only dream about.
And all I can say is…
It’s about pucking time.

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