A Scholar and His Sins by Felicia Greene (ePUB)

scholar and sins, felicia greene

A Scholar and His Sins (The Unmarriageables #3) by Felicia Greene – Free eBooks Download


It takes courage to navigate the Regency marriage market, but it takes even more courage to refuse it. When five spirited young ladies send a letter to the papers informing the ton of their decision to remain single, there’s no small uproar – but Arabella, Grace, Rose, Bertha and Susan are determined to claim independence. Of course, their rejection of marriage feels set in stone at the time… but once the ladies meet their chosen gentlemen, even the strongest principles can waver in the face of true love!

Grace Fellowes is furious. Safely hidden away in the crumbling family castle with nothing but her oil paints for company, she’s relaxed into the life of an artist – but now, outside her knowledge and against her wishes, she’s about to have a visitor. Leo Thornfall, the shy scholarly friend of the Duke of Marton, needs to become a gentleman of fashion in less than a month – and so Grace must blow the dust off of her etiquette books, try to forget the imposition being foisted upon her, and ignore at all costs the sparks that fly whenever she and Leo look at one another.

Leo Thornfall is nervous. His friends have managed to persuade him that Grace would welcome the challenge of making him into a gentleman, but he isn’t so sure – not least because he loses his head whenever Grace so much as looks at him. But if he doesn’t make a splash as a gentleman of fashion at the next ball, his father is sure to punish both him and his sister – and his sister’s happiness counts for much more than his own. If protecting her means travelling to a cold Cumbrian castle and learning about cravats from the woman of his dreams, so be it.

Ignoring his feelings is impossible. Soon desire threatens to overcome duty. But Grace has no desire to return to the ton, while Leo must do exactly that – and will the lure of social splendour eclipse the passion that they share?

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