A Love Worth Biting For by Roxy Mews (ePUB)

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A Love Worth Biting For (Hart Clan Hybrids #1) by Roxy Mews – Free eBooks Download


I first saw Jake Meyers when he was pouring water over his chest, and I’d never been thirstier. Who’d have thought I’d get punched in the gut with mating pheromones? Not me, but here we are.
Big problem…my mate is missing a pulse.
I don’t do vampires. Ever. If I’m not with a wolf, I settle for a human. I’ve made men howl before, but usually I’m not the one awakening their half-werewolf side. Turns out Jake has a little bark to go along with his bite. While I’m happy to help a fellow shifter answer the call of the moon, his sire isn’t thrilled that I’m creating a powerful vampire/werewolf hybrid.
Been told my whole life that I’m too loud, too vulgar, and generally too much to fit in. Not by Jake, though. He seems to like me just how I am. So why is our bond an issue? Because my Pack and Jake’s Family have treaties in place to keep us apart. Me getting my hands down my mate’s pants violates more than vampire sensibilities—we’d start an interspecies war.
Could I avoid a giant headache, and heartache, by staying away? Probably. But where’s the fun in that?
AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a re-release. Book was originally published in 2013.

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