A Dream of Stars and Curses by Sarina Langer (ePUB)

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A Dream of Stars and Curses (Chaos of Esta Anderson #2) by Sarina Langer – Free eBooks Download


Alright, so, maybe taking photos of people who don’t want to be noticed was a bad idea. Esta knows this now, and she’ll never forget the promise she made the Mara and the Dreamcatcher:

Stay out of the Veiled’s business unless they say otherwise, and learn everything—the many different types of Veiled so she can help rather than accidentally destroy, and all about Magick 101 from Kate, her friendly witch neighbour.
Only, as it turns out, not all Veiled are easy to spot, and soon Esta has every reason to believe she’s been cursed: There are growing tensions between her and handsome vampire bookseller Leverett, and not all of them pleasant (and those are not helped by some very vivid dreams); her sisterhood with her life-long BFF Bonnie is suffering; and the huge power imbalance between her and the Veiled grows ever more obvious when a jealous and deluded friend from Leverett’s past decides to deal with Esta for good.

Can Esta find the source of the curse and break it before she runs out of time…
And before she loses everything and everyone she cares about—including her life?

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