6-Pack Wrangler by Em Petrova (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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6-Pack Wrangler (Six-Pack Cowboys #2) by Em Petrova – Free eBooks Download


Aria has never made decisions for herself—it seems life makes them for her, which is how she’s become a star on the hit western TV show REDEMPTION FALLS. Now it seems she’s landed herself with a fiancé she doesn’t exactly want. No way is she getting hitched, so it’s high time she does something about it. But she didn’t plan to be a runaway bride—it just sort of happened.
Wheeler is not only laid up with a broken foot but his horse is on watch with a tough injury too. Hobbling to the barn is a trial and his work as a wrangler is off limits. When he goes out to attempt morning chores, he finds a beautiful woman asleep in his barn. Discovering she is a famous actor from the show filming nearby is even less shocking than her plea for him to keep her hidden. Letting her stay on his fixer-upper ranch is an easy yes when she proves she knows how to tend his injured horse, and just looking at her alluring curves does a whole lot for his low spirits.
Aria can’t hide forever, but she’s reluctant to leave her cozy retreat. The hunky—and stubborn—cowboy provides no pressure as well as a much-needed listening ear. Besides, here on his ranch she finally feels she’s doing something she enjoys and making decisions, even if they aren’t all for her. After an opportunity falls into Wheeler’s lap, she can’t let it pass by. But now she isn’t sure if she took the leap for him or for herself. What if it ends up benefiting both?

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