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zod, jennifer julie miller

ZoD (Darverius, House of DaR #13) by Jennifer Julie Miller – Free eBooks Download


Failing my people is not an option and I’ll do whatever is needed to make sure that doesn’t happen, that is until she runs into my arms. Now the universe be damned because I will sacrifice them all to keep her safe. My very soul reaches for her, but no matter how hard I fight to get to her. My Amouri is just out of reach. Will she ever come to terms with the things that have been forced upon her? Will she finally see the male that is standing right in front of her? Or will my fears push her away?

I closed my eyes in one world only to open them in another. Terrified and disoriented, I flee, only to find myself trapped in an enormous embrace of the universe’s largest arms. Now I am in a world I don’t understand, surrounded by others who are leery of their master’s new pet. He says all the right words, but am I brave enough to let go of the past and trust what he says is true? Can I turn my back on all that I knew just because I am here now? Or will the creatures hunting them all take my choices away?

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