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your dangerous, alicia street

Your Dangerous Kiss (Your Kiss) by Alicia Street – Free eBooks Download


They fell in love as teens, but tragedy ripped them apart.

Rafe March considers his career on the big screen a fluke that he isn’t sure he ever wanted. With magazine cover good looks, a near genius IQ and a wealthy family, his options in life are plenty. Too bad the only thing he ever really wanted was Lucinda.
Lucinda never meant to fall in love with the brilliant rich kid. When tragedy strikes and she is sent across the country to live with an unscrupulous uncle she hardly knows, her heart gives up on everything—including Rafe. Writing songs that she would never let anyone hear is the only thing that gets her by.
A decade later when they see each other again it all comes back—the fire, the passion, the love.
Rafe tries to convince her they have a second chance. But when the glitz and fame of his career threaten to break Lucinda’s already fragile trust, it seems the world is stacked against them once again.

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