Young Love Strikes Again by Mimi Barbour (ePUB)

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Young Love Strikes Again (Single Title #9) by Mimi Barbour – Free eBooks Download


“You’re going to be a daddy?”
Brent can’t believe his son, Matt, would go and do exactly what he had done at seventeen. Only this time there isn’t a love relationship to mess up the works. For the mother, signing the baby over to them for custody works fine, especially when they’re willing to pay enough cash.
Not like him and Shyla. Theirs had been a love story… one with a sad ending. The poor girl had been ripped from her life, whisked away across the country, and forced to give up both him and her baby.
Now, due to unforeseen circumstances, Shyla has a chance to return to the two men whose very existence fills her lonely world. Another baby had entered the story, one she might be able to mother. Her empty arms have a chance to be filled by her earlier lover and her new granddaughter.
Seriously, how could anything go wrong?
She never saw the car…

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