You Can’t Furry Love by Renee George (ePUB)

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You Can’t Furry Love (Peculiar Mysteries and Romances #10) by Renee George – Free eBooks Download


I’m a werewolf … at least until someone strips me of my ability to shift. Guess what? It turns out I’m a witch-born lycan, and when my magic kicks in, that’s when things get really hairy.

* * *

Yeah, so, my life is complicated, okay? I’m a shapeshifting college student. Social life? Um, no. I don’t have time for friends or parties while I’m studying my tail off and howling at the full moon every month. Then two days before my birthday, the ex-alpha of my former pack sends his goons to wolf-nap me.
Luckily, I don’t have to face my troubles alone. A certain hunky, albeit grumpy, coyote shifter wants to be my shifter in shining fur. Rowr. And my bio dad and stepmom have my back no matter what. But when a hometown psychic sends me to a wise woman in Oklahoma, long-kept family secrets are exposed. Not to mention uncovering the super creepy plan put into play the day I was born.
You know what? My enemies are about to find out that life is a witch.
And so am I.

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