You Broke Me First by Danda K. (ePUB)

you broke me, danda k

You Broke Me First (The Savage Love Duet #1) by Danda K. – Free eBooks Download


Morgan Brookes
Proficient. Cocky. Slightly obnoxious.
Some may even say obsessive compulsive.
The young, successful rich hotshot with a trail of notches in my belt to prove it.
I’ve become pretty accustomed to playing the part…
…Until now.
You see—I’ve wanted only one thing my entire twenty-three years on this planet: to be surrounded by numbers.
They’re safe, calculable, and almost never lie.
Numbers will never fail you, never judge you, never try to force you into marriage or a different career path.
They don’t require hope, or complain when you never call after sex.
I never needed anything more than the stability I’ve learned to achieve on my own—without my parent’s money and status lurking in the shadows ready to take all the credit.
Until one night…when reality decided to raise its ugly head and swing hard and fast.
Tactics were sent crashing through the window, obliterating any chance I had at maintaining the balance.
One party is all it took to form a crack in my plans.
One girl is all it took to shatter them completely.

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