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You Are Beautiful to Me (For All My Relations #2) by Bess McBride – Free eBooks Download


What would it take to go back in time and fix the past? Not your past, but that of your ancestors? As an amateur genealogist with a passion for my ancestors, I’ve long wished I could go back in time and fix what went wrong—be it accidents or illness. Looking back on our ancestors’ lives, we can see how their lives began and how they ended, all in a matter of minutes by reviewing the records of their existence—sources such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, and newspaper clippings, to name a few.

My second great-uncle was in a horrific train accident in which he lost his arm and broke numerous bones. He never married, and I read that he didn’t return to his law practice for several years. I always wondered why he never married.
This story and the ones to come in the For All My Relations series of time travel stories are the only things I can do to make sense of their losses. I write these For All My Relations.

Like me, Annie Warner wonders why her second great-granduncle never married. She assumes it is because of his horrific injuries, and she wishes she could go back in time to stop the train accident.
Her wish is granted, and she is sent back in time, but not to the year that would have been helpful. She finds herself in 1873 meeting ancestors whose lives have come and gone and whom she always wondered about. But she cannot stop the tragedy.
So then why was Annie sent back in time?

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