You and Me, Honeybee by Gemma Nicholls (ePUB)

you and me, gemma nicholls

You and Me, Honeybee (Fayette Bay #2) by Gemma Nicholls – Free eBooks Download


Amid the darkness, a honeybee will always find the sweetest blossom…
They may just need a little help along the way.
Bea Di Menna is still haunted by the shadows of Fayette Bay’s dark past, where the events of last year shattered the world of her and her friends. Desmond Rose, a sadistic criminal, kidnapped and tortured them, leaving scars that refuse to heal. She’s shut herself off and taken to blaming the only person she can think of—the hacker who she believes watched them suffer and did nothing to stop it.

Artie Avila is renowned as the nation’s top underground hacker. But after learning what happened to his best friend last year, he’s traded his private business for something a little less…illegal. But stupid games always end with stupid prizes, and leaving the world of shadows doesn’t mean the shadows will leave him.

When a mutual friend reaches out for help keeping an eye on a struggling Bea, Artie must find a way to earn her trust and keep her safe through any means necessary. Even more so with a new threat in town, who seems determined on dragging Bea into the mess he created.

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