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xeda, olivia riley

Xeda (Vrisha Warriors #4) by Olivia Riley – Free eBooks Download


He craves freedom, and she holds the key.

Xeda was once a lethal warrior of the Blood Guard. Now he is a prisoner. A captive to a world without alliances, where the powerful elite seeks to twist him into a deadly fighter for their sinister games.
Refusing to be tamed, Xeda instills terror in the hearts of all those around him. All…except one. A human female who watches him through the bars of his cell, with eyes that see beyond his scars and his vicious exterior.
Ophilia is desperate for her own kind of freedom. She believes she can save them both if he trusts her.
He shouldn’t trust her or allow her to get close, but he does. Through her sacrifice and her unexpected tenderness, he lets her in. He lets her break past the barrier that is his hate, revealing the humanity he thought long lost, igniting a heat in him that defies reason, an impossible fire in his blood that calls to this small but brave female.
As the games he’s forced to play draw them closer, their bond defies all odds. But with victory comes the looming threat of destruction, forcing Xeda to confront not just the enemies that surround him, but also the darkness that threatens to consume him.
Can Xeda become what Ophilia truly sees in him? Not a monster, but a male worthy of redemption?

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