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wynter wonderland, ally crew

Wynter Wonderland (Holiday Hotties #2) by Ally Crew, Brynn Hale – Free eBooks Download


♥ She’s a police officer returning to a town that never let her live down what her black sheep family did. He’s the new-to-town guy who’s made some questionable choices in his past. Can a mistletoe legend, a scared robber, and four scheming friends come together to spell magic for Wynter and Zac? ♥

On a girls’ night out at the local bar, I can’t stop laughing at the cheesy lines that one smooth-talking silver fox is using on me.
I should be concerned when Zac’s evasive, but I can’t help but forget those fears as I’m drawn to his piercing silver eyes, dappling of gray in his hair, and the cinnamon roll scent he leaves in his wake. My favorite treat.
I’m only here to see friends. My life is back in Denver as a police officer. My past here is coated in a darkness I can’t ever forget.
But after saving the day when a robber enters Zac’s cafe, I find myself falling for not only the cafe owner, but the town I swore I’d never return to.

My past is a blizzard of bad choices. My new start in Ribbon Cove is what I need.
And then Wynter shows up and the lock that I put on my heart finds its key.
Wynter is curves, boldness, and tasty, and I can’t get enough.
I don’t want her to be in my past, I want her to be my future.
But when she finds out my truth, will she only see her past, too?

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