Written in Flesh by A.D. Wilde (ePUB)

written in flesh, ad wilde

Written in Flesh (Sweetwater #3) by A.D. Wilde – Free eBooks Download


The thrill of ending the lives of the sick and depraved courses through my veins like liquid heat. But when I catch a glimpse of the woman who speaks to my darkness, the demons forever chanting in my head grow silent and the monster roaring within me is tamed. But she’s a thief and a liar. A daring rebel waiting for her opportunity to take what doesn’t belong to her. And I’m a man intrigued by her persistence to play a game she’s destined to lose.
She’s distracting and stubborn. And I’ve never wanted something more than I do her.

Alora is my name, and stealing is my game. Until I walk directly into the line of fire and am forced to face the consequences of my actions. I feel his eyes on me wherever I go, watching my every move. Running would be the wise thing to do, and it’s what I’m best at. But with limited resources, I’m stuck between the evil that lurks around every corner and the desire he disturbs within me.
Should I face the danger head-on? Or turn my back and run?

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