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wright's path, mj booth

Wright’s Path (Found Family Ranch) by MJ Booth – Free eBooks Download


“Darlin’, I need you to look at me. I promise, no one is going to hurt you again. I’ll make sure of it.”

Wright Taylor thought he was going to die. His body hurt, he could barely see. He’d never wished for death, until his dad pushes him out of the car and leaves him in the hands of complete strangers.
Alexander “Xander” Lawson moved back to Family ranch six months ago after a breakup. He missed his family, but at thirty-five-years-old, he didn’t like not having a plan further than living in the guest house on the ranch his older brother inherited.
When a wedding is interrupted in the most heartbreaking of ways, Xander jumps into action to care for the young man that is left lying in the gravel. Xander feels an immediate connection to him, but it doesn’t make sense. Wright is the complete opposite of Xander’s type.
It’s a long road to recovery- both physically and mentally- for Wright, but he’s grateful that the Lawson family is standing beside him every step of the way, especially Xander. He’s everything that Wright wouldn’t let himself dream of. Can he heal from what happened enough to really build a life with this man and the family that found and rescued him?

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