Wrapped Up With The Wolf by Anastasia Austin (ePUB)

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Wrapped Up With The Wolf by Anastasia Austin – Free eBooks Download


After ten years, my dad’s best friend is back and bossier than ever. Dragging me out of the bar and away from the men buying me drinks and helping me forget that, yet again, my dad didn’t care to spend Christmas with his only daughter.

I loved Kane when I was a kid. He was there for me. He cared for me. Now, I hate him for abandoning me. The way he yells at me, like he can’t see me for the adult I’ve become, I’d say Kane hates me too.
Kane doesn’t trust me to stay away from the bar and shoves me in his car. After an unexpected nip slip on the reckless drive to his cabin in the mountains, the tension between us is thicker than ever.
My attraction to Kane is undeniable. The more time I spend trapped with him, the harder it is to hide it.
As the snow continues to fall and Christmas approaches, I find out I’m not the only one with something to hide. With the electricity out and only the heat of our bodies to keep us warm, we’re at risk of revealing more than just our secrets.

If you like age gap romances with grumpy, bossy heroes and smart-mouth heroines, then this fated mates wolf shifter mafia novella is for you!

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