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worth wait, debra elise

Worth the Wait (Heart of a Wounded Hero) by Debra Elise – Free eBooks Download


Two wounded souls discover an unexpected connection.

I lost more than my lower left leg just a month before my last tour was scheduled to end. I lost three of my men.
Two years later, I’ve accepted and overcome my physical wounds, but my mental health still needs some work. I’m making a big change and moving back home to Pineville to be closer to my sister and her growing family, even though it means facing the demons that pushed me away fifteen years ago.
What I didn’t plan on finding was the curvy single mom next door stirring up equal parts naughty nighttime, heck anytime thoughts and unfamiliar feelings—feelings I never thought were in the cards for me. Then there’s a determined five-year-old looking to scale the oak tree in my backyard while recruiting me to be his dad.
Can I let either into my life while I’m still trying to come to terms with my past?

I’m determined to finish my MBA six years after dropping out of college. I’ll do most anything to ensure a better life for my son. And if that means working two jobs, living with my grandmother—who helps take care of my son—and giving up any time for myself, so be it. It’s not like I’m looking for another guy who thinks he knows what’s best for me. So, I need to be careful who I let into my bed and my heart because my priorities are my son, work and getting that degree.
Which means I don’t have time for the sometimes grumpy, always protective, and oh-so-sexy, wounded hero next door who fixes my car, plays catch with my son, and makes me burn with a simple gaze.
I mean it. I don’t have time. But…maybe I should?

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