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What’s a good clue that the fates have turned against you? How about when your most arrogant (and unfairly hot) customer at your last job turns out to be your BOSS at your new job?
Max Coleman is everything Silicon valley adores: smart, audacious, fit, healthy, and, of course, stinking rich. He’s used to taking charge, making bold moves, and turning crazy ideas into reality. Until one night he decides to flex his cocky attitude and massive wallet at the humble Italian restaurant where I happen to work. I may be the first person to tell him the word “No,” and he doesn’t like it one bit.

Or does he? Why does something seem to sizzle in the air between us, despite the fact that he clearly dislikes me—and is arrogant, and pompous, and basically the worst? Why do I keep thinking about his deep blue eyes, and his luscious, tantalizing hair?
Doesn’t matter. I assume that after this one disastrous night I’ll never have to think about him or any of his body parts again.

But see, that’s where I’d be wrong. Because unbeknownst to me, Max Coleman is the CEO of the startup where I just got hired. And that annoying little fact is about to muck up my life, mess with my head and muddle up all my feels. But no matter what, nothing can happen here, right? I mean, this is my boss we’re talking about!
So, let’s address these concerns together in a professional manner, shall we? Because I have questions.

Outstanding question number 1: How do you work with a boss when you hate each other’s guts?
Outstanding question number 2: Why is everything more complicated when it turns out you might not hate each other after all?

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