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Wolfish: Fateborne by G.K. DeRosa – Free eBooks Download


I’m not alone. There are other Mystic wolves out there, and now I have to find them.
And win the Alpha Trials, get my revenge on the supreme alpha and of course, break my mate’s curse. Phew… And I thought things would be easier now that we’d finally completed the mate bond.
I was very wrong.
When Hunter takes matters into his own hands, a desperate decision escalates the situation from bad to worse. With our new relationship on the line, my jilted wolfy fiancé makes his move, trying to worm his way into my fragile heart.
As if dealing with two males wasn’t bad enough, the final round of the Alpha Trials takes a dark turn, and an unexpected loss nearly breaks me once again.
With my love life in turmoil, the survival of my pack on the line and everything up in the air, the question isn’t whether I’ll win the trials and get my happily ever after with my mate, but will I live to see the last day of the competition?

*** This is an upper YA/NA crossover with schmexy [email protected] wolves and is best suited for ages 16+. Be warned this is a slow burn enemies-to-lovers romance, and the steaminess factor does increase through the course of the series! ♥
*** Wolfish is set within the world of Azar, along with (in reading order) Hitched, Darkblood Academy, Royally Hitched and Darkblood Prison but it’s not necessary to read the other series first to enjoy this one.

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