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wolf trap, margo bond collins

Wolf Trap (Assumption Mountain Wolf Pack #1) by Margo Bond Collins – Free eBooks Download


For weeks, wolf shifter Zayn Stone has been on the run from agents of a Fae Queen who wants to use his pack-members’ life-force to fuel her rise to power. When he stumbles into a bear-trap in the Colorado woods, dying seems like the only option he has left—but it’s worth giving his life to save his pack.
Former detective Ainsley Maddox left the Dallas police force because she could no longer stomach the brutal things people did to each other. Now nothing angers her more than finding traps set on her land—except finding those traps full. Usually, she puts those poor animals out of their misery. But this winter night, someone has caught a wolf. One who can turn into a gorgeous, naked man.
She knows she should stay out of whatever trouble landed him there—she has no desire to get caught up in it—but she can’t resist the mystery he brings with him or the heat she feels when she looks at him. Taking him home with her draws her into a whole new world of power and intrigue, exactly what she wanted to avoid. He has no desire to deal with a human—every wolf shifter knows they’re lesser beings. Total trouble.

But if they can learn to work together, they might be able to save his pack…and each other.

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