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wolf claimed, kaylin peyerk

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I’ve spent my entire omega life being groomed to become the fated mate of our pack’s three upcoming alpha sons.
We grew up alongside each other since early childhood, always picking on one another and never in a playful way. Jax, Dane, and Talon are known for it. Their cruelty to others, an air of confidence and self-importance and, of course, never claiming responsibility for any of it. Our pack elders hope that I can tame them with a mating bond but I’m not so sure anyone is capable of such a thing, and if they are, I’d prefer it not be me. Despite me having voiced those feelings over and over again, I still end up walking down the aisle on our wedding night with them waiting pompously at the other end.
Life in the palace continues with none of the royals knowing that we never completed the bonding, nor the claiming bite. And while we try to get along, it never feels right. Always forced, never comfortable. And it only becomes more complicated when the queen’s brother, the next king of The North, comes for their yearly summit, bringing along his entire court. Meeting them, one by one, reveals not only bone rattling secrets I’ve been keeping from myself, but also the truth about my feelings. I never wanted to mate with the princes of The Isle, but I do want to get closer to the ever aloof, ever charming, crown prince of The North.
Little did I know, those feelings would be a catalyst for something much grander than me.

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