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Thanks a lot Dad! Thanks for selling me off to a fat, ugly, dangerous criminal to pay off your gambling debts.
I thought my life was over. Well, look at my choices. Say no to my father, and get him tortured and killed, or marry a man who made my skin crawl.
Then another choice presented itself.
A man I had once been crazy about popped into the picture. The only problem was I was crazy about him, he thought so little about me, he just disappeared into thin air one day without a word.
My heart still yearned for his touch, but my head said, “Hang on a minute, Bianca. Are you jumping from the frying pan into the freaking fire?

I made a very big sacrifice when I walked away from her. Even now, after all this time, there is a Bianca shaped hole in my heart. It is a hold that will never be filled. And so be it.
She thought I was like her, but I wasn’t.
I belonged to a world where only power and money counted. People like her they get crushed in the darkness of the night and fed to the dogs in the morning.
Bianca was the purest soul I’d ever met. And I wanted something better for her than a life with me.
I knew she would hate me for the way I left, but it was a kindness to let her hate me than to have her suffer with me.
But now things are different. My beauty needs me.
I can’t deny we were meant to be and I will keep her safe…whatever it takes.

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